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WPT Casino Affiliates Program

WPT Casino isn't one of the biggest online casinos in the world so what does the associated WPT Casino affiliate program offer affiliates? Well, one of the main reasons to include a WPT Casino affiliation on an affiliate website would probably have to be it's obvious connection to the worldwide phenomenon that is the World Poker Tour (WPT). Another would be the fact that it's part of the excellent Bwin.Party Partners affiliate network making it easy to promote for those already affiliated with Bwin.Party. Historically WPT Casino have also tended to offer higher than average new player bonus giving WPT Casino affiliates a great carrot to dangle in front of potential acquisitions. The actual WPT Casino affiliate program runs on the same system as all of the networks other brands with powerful, in-depth reporting helping to optimise campaigns. One slight let-down is the amount of marketing creative that's available to WPT Casino affiliates with Bwin.Party's designers clearly focusing on bigger fish like Party Poker or Party Casino. It's also worth pointing out that affiliates on the WPT Casino affiliate program report that it's WPT Casinos slot machines that tend to appeal to players the most with conversions generally higher on websites demonstrating good slots traffic.

WPT Casino - Affiliate Commission

The latest commission levels for affiliates wishing to join the WPT Casino affiliate program can be seen in the table below. New WPT Casino affiliates can earn anything from 15% to 35% revenue share which is dependant on the number of new casino players acquired each month. The WPT Casino affiliate program also offers affiliates a CPA (cost per acquisition) option but this needs to be discussed with your account manager once you've joined the Bwin.Party network.

WPT Casino Commission
WPT Casino Commission

With the WPT Casino affiliate program forming part of the Bwin.Party Partners affiliate network, affiliates wishing to add a WPT Casino affiliation to their website will need to open a new account with them. Joining the WPT Casino affiliate program via Bwin.Party Partners is a quick and easy process and allows affiliates to promote all of the other brands on the Bwin.Party affiliate network.


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