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Totepool Bingo Affiliates Program

Totepool Bingo isn't the biggest bingo website in the world so what can the Totepool Bingo affiliate program offer affiliates? Well, as with all of Totepools brands, Totepool Bingo is backed by the Tote, a gambling giant since 1928. Best known for sports betting, the Tote added a Virtue Fusion version of bingo to its portfolio in September 2008. The Totepool Bingo affiliate program soon followed with new and existing Totepool Affiliates able to earn commissions from yet another Tote product. In all fairness, the Totepool Bingo affiliate program probably isn't worth joining if you're only going to promote Totepool Bingo as there's plenty of bigger and better performing brands out there. However, if you're already affiliated with Totepool then it's a great way of adding extra content without too much extra admin. Totepool Bingo affiliates benefit from a decent affiliate interface that's powered by Income Access with handy monthly stats available the moment you login. Unfortunately at the time we reviewed the Totepool Bingo affiliate program there were only seven serve-able banners. On a positive note they were in the most popular sizes. Monthly newsletters from the Totepool Bingo affiliate program are useful and informative and highlight the offers and promotions affiliates should be using to help drive new acquisitions.

Totepool Bingo - Affiliate Commission

The latest commission levels for affiliates wishing to join the Totepool Bingo affiliate program can be seen in the tables below. New Totepool Bingo affiliates earn 40% revenue share right from the off making it perfect for newer affiliates. The Totepool Bingo affiliate program also offers a tiered CPA (cost per acquisition) option ranging from £20 to £30 depending on the number of new Totepool Bingo acquisitions an affiliate generates each month.

Totepool Bingo Commission
Totepool Bingo Commission

Affiliates wishing to add a Totepool Bingo affiliation to their website will need to open a new account via the Totepool affiliate program. Joining Totepool Bingo affiliates is a quick and easy process and allows affiliates to promote all of Totepools brands from the one affiliate program.


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